The Devil is in the Details

fashionable fitover sunglasses in caramel

You’ve more than likely heard this phrase before. It’s an idiom that has been used in various formats since the 1800’s to convey the potential impact the finer points can have on the end result. In the fitover sunglass business, nothing could be more true.

Although fitovers of the modern era have been produced since the early 1970’s, Cocoons revolutionized the category as the world’s first optical grade fitover sunglass. Today, the brand has many imitators but experts continue to recognize it as the best fitover sunglass money can buy. The brand has garnered worldwide acclaim from eyecare professionals, thanks in part to a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality and improvement. The result is a fitover sunglass that works better than generic imitations. But if you were to ask someone why their Cocoons work so much better, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell you. The answer as to why lies in the details.

It’s relatively easy to make a fitover sunglass that looks like a pair of Cocoons. The iconic characteristics are so pronounced that any reasonable facsimile could at first glance, be mistaken for a genuine pair of Cocoons. To avoid confusion, Cocoons feature an Authenticity Medallion that’s countersunk into the right temple. If your fitover sunglass doesn’t have this medallion, it’s not the genuine article. Most importantly, simply making a fitover that mimics the appearance of Cocoons doesn’t mean that they will perform like the original. A single pair of Cocoons has 21 individual components and there’s over 50 steps in the manufacturing process. The componentry and workmanship is world class. In fact, the cost of making a pair of Cocoons can be as much as six times that of an imitation.

The centerpiece of a fitover sunglass is the lens system. There are a multitude of lens materials and types in the optical industry. Cocoons feature our proprietary Polaré lens brand. It’s an extremely strong material that features multiple layers of materials and coatings. Polaré lenses are so durable that we offer a one year scratch resistance warranty. Most importantly, Polaré lenses deliver crystal clear visual acuity. Unlike inferior lens materials, Polaré lenses have no distortion. This is especially important with the side lenses, which if not optically-correct, could distort your peripheral vision. For example, if you were changing lanes while driving a car and misjudged the location of another vehicle within your peripheral vision, the consequences could be perilous. All Cocoons designs feature side lenses. The advantages a side lens delivers far outweighs the aesthetic improvement that a fitover sunglass has without a side shield. The Cocoons side shield is an injection molded lens that is precisely regulated to match the transmission and performance characteristics of the main lens system.

Another important feature is the Flex2Fit temple system. If you are considering buying a fitover sunglass of any brand, we highly recommend selecting a model that has adjustable temples. The importance of being able to customize the placement, trajectory and position of the temple cannot be overstated. Wearing a second pair of sunglasses over an existing pair of prescription glasses can be problematic if you can’t adjust the fitover temples. Our patented Flex2Fit system ensures that your Cocoons sit comfortably and securely during extended wear. A non-adjustable temple, such as those found on generic fitovers, can lead to less usage due to irritation or poor fit.

The design of the Cocoons chassis is another patented element that helps deliver award winning performance. The chassis features an integrated brow bar to prevent unfiltered light from reaching your eyes from above. The sides are also enclosed by framework so that any peripheral light must pass through the side shields. Most importantly, the chassis features an undercarriage so that reflected glare can’t penetrate from below the eye-line. Up to 70% of the light that reaches your eyes can be reflected glare from surfaces such as the pavement, water or snow. Without an undercarriage, reflected glare could easily mix with treated light and dilute the effect of the fitover sunglass. Cocoons completely isolate your eyes from the elements, creating a tranquil optical environment that allows your eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. A level of detail not found on many competitive brands.

There is literally a cornucopia of detail built into every pair of Cocoons. Features such as a Soft Touch frame finish provide an impervious jacket around the chassis to enhance comfort, ride and longevity. Intelligent engineering insures that the frame is ultra-lightweight yet able to withstand the harshest of treatment. We even have a video that demonstrates what happens when a pair of Cocoons are run over by a car! Cocoons should last you a lifetime. A statement reiterated by a Lifetime Warranty.

And Cocoons continue to evolve. As new technologies are invented or new features developed, we re-engineer the product. Eyecare professionals and millions of Cocoons wearers trust the brand to remain at the forefront of fitover design, technology and innovation. We hope you will too.