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To verify which Cocoons frame model you own, check the inside of the left temple.

Cocoons Replacement Lenses

*Please note that replacement lenses are only available for Cocoons featuring Soft Touch frame finishes.  Replacement lenses are not available for frames with gloss finishes.

Cocoons feature professional grade scratch-resistant Polaré lens systems. Our proprietary Polaré lens systems deliver optical grade visual acuity and durability. Polaré lenses filter out 100% of damaging UVA & UVB rays to provide the maximum level of protection from damaging ultraviolet light waves. For additional information, recommended uses, and lens specifications, please visit our official  Polaré lenses website page.

Replacement lens sets are available in polarized and non-polarized tints for all sizes of Cocoons fitovers (Soft Touch frames only). To ensure you are purchasing the correct replacement lens set, please check the inside of the left temple to verify which Cocoons frame model you own. For example, if the model name printed on the inside left temple of your Cocoons is Slim Line, then you will want to purchase lens sets that indicate they are for the Cocoons Slim Line. Each Cocoons fitover frame is clearly marked with the model number and name for your reference.

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