Cocoons and Vistana Size Finders: Finding the Fitover for You

Morgan's Vistana feature a wrap design made to shield your eyes from solar energy.

Have you tried our Size Finders? We have them for our collections of both Cocoons Fitovers and Vistana Luxury Fitovers, and they’re the best way to figure out which of our thirteen fitover sizes will work best for you. When we pioneered the technology back in 2006, our goal was to provide people with an easier, more accurate way of finding their ideal fitover. Over the last decade, the technology has been adopted by many other retailers and manufacturers; with Cocoons, however, there’re a few specific reasons why we developed the Size Finder and why it’s important to start out each shopping session using the tool.

Firstly, you want a comfortable fit; you’ll be living and working in these sunglasses, and you don’t want to be worried about ill-fitting frames. Our patented Flex2Fit temple systems allow you to customize the contour of the temples for a secure and comfortable fit around your ears, but you want to make sure your fitover will fit with your prescription frames as best they can. With the Size Finder, we aim to make sure securing that fit is as simple as possible.

The second reason finding the correct size with the Size Finder is important is that our sunglasses feature not only protective sidesheilds and a browbar, but also a signature undercarriage that blocks reflected sunlight from entering the eyes below the lenses and affecting the sensitive skin around the eyes. That is, while other manufacturers’ fits and sizing guides can afford to be a little more lax, as they don’t have an undercarriage to consider, our pursuit of creating the most functional and protective eyewear we can requires a bit more exact of a fit.

This exactness is why we conduct the measurements for the Size Finder in millimeters as opposed to inches. With the smaller unit of measurement, you can input a more accurate representation of the dimensions of your glasses frames, and we can get you a better-fitting sunglass. All you have to do is measure your prescription frames and enter those measurements into our Size Finder.

All in all, we’re just excited to be able to make the fitting process that much easier for you. It’s our hope you’ll be able to find the sunglasses you want in no time. And as always, we’re here to help; you can always head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply contact us if you’re having any trouble.