Slip Stream (LX) Onyx Polarized Silver Mirror

Model: C8019V


Slip Stream’s classic, cat-eye styling is reminiscent of a golden age of sunglass design. The frames effortlessly fuse this style with the cutting-edge technology, performance and comfort synonymous with the Cocoons brand. Onyx Cocoons have a unique depth to the finish. The clear TR-90 chassis is back-sprayed jet-black while the outside of the chassis features a clear coat. From a distance, Onyx Cocoons appear to be regular black sunglasses. But when viewed closely, the quality of the workmanship is immediately evident as the remarkable detail comes to life. The dark gray, polarized lens system enhanced with a flash silver mirror coat eliminates harsh glare and blocks 100% of harmful UV light. Each pair includes our legendary Cocoons case, a lens Duracloth and the Live Eyewear lifetime warranty.

“Hadn’t seen fitovers like these before. I’ve had trouble in the past finding the right sizes but this one is great. I like the style of it as well as the mirrors.” 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Morgan C., Phoenix, AZ

Large cat-eye fitover sunglasses with polarized silver mirror lenses
Slip Stream (LX) Onyx Polarized Silver Mirror